Wish You Were Here

Long weekends rule and this particular weekend was superb.

The 4th of July is my favorite holiday.  Fireworks, good food, cold drinks, red, white and blue.  I wake up excited, like it’s Christmas, except it’s better than Christmas.

In fact the whole weekend was like that and I’m too tired and inadequate with words to paint a picture for you, at least for now. I did my favorite things: laughed, ate, sweated, drank, and celebrated with dear friends.  I also met a lot of new people this weekend and every one of them made me feel at home.

Life’s kind of funny like that, isn’t it? Showing you a glimpse of something new, just when you’ve got one foot out the door. I’m so glad I got to see all of it.

(A Note: someone with real photography skillz (yes, that’s a z) took these pictures, so I apologize in advance to Brian Knight for having no idea how to make them look good on this blog. It’s a miracle I was even able to insert them into this post. Thank you for documenting a perfect day.)

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