Salad and Such

Right now I’m shoveling quinoa salad in my mouth at a rate that no one should ever witness.  I have no idea why I am so hungry. I ate breakfast, although half a bagel with cream cheese is not nearly enough for this girl, but I was in a hurry to get out of the house to get to the Salvation Army to see what kind of treasures I could find.

Early bird gets the worm, right?

The only worm I got was two books: Wicked and Riding Lessons, two books I’ve wanted to read. I’ll just add them to the stack of ten other books I’m trying to conquer.  But hey, for $3.59, how could I say no. I’ll eventually get around to reading them.  I hope.

Speaking of that quinoa salad, it’s from my new favorite blog: Eat Live Run.  Here’s the recipe for black bean, quinoa and citrus salad.

I made it on Tuesday night around 10pm, which taught me a good lesson: Don’t attempt to make anything that requires more than microwaving or pouring into a bowl after 9pm, it will make me crazy.

Now, I had to make my feast so late on Tuesday because Tracy and I were headed to Lynyrd Skynrd on Wednesday evening. She was picking me up at 5:30, so there was no way I would have time to prep anything after work.  Naturally, I had to make something and couldn’t just settle for store bought, that would make too much sense.

So, I went to town on this salad.  It’s easy to make, the only cooking involved is the quinoa.  I should have made half of this recipe because now I’m faced with a giant bowl of salad starring at me every time I open the fridge and all I want to do is eat cookies.

It’s such a pretty assortment of ingredients.

Next time I’d leave out the grapefruit and chop both the onion and red bell pepper a little smaller.

After the late night kitchen crusade, in which several other things were made, this is what my fridge looked like.

There wasn’t room for anything else.  I can’t tell you what all of that is, but I can tell you I shouldn’t need to go to the grocery store for the next three weeks.  Thank goodness I’m a runner.

Oh, yes I did say I went to see Lynyrd Skynyrd.  I love southern rock, love it.   Shoot, I’m from the south, I think it’s in my blood to love it, just like it’s in my blood to love chocolate.

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