January, Looking Good So Far

2013 is off to a good start so far.

I wanted these boots so I bought them.






It only took me two years to make the commitment.  It’s possible that I was just as sweaty under the armpits when I bought these boots as when when I cross the finish line of any race.


Sometimes I open my closet just to smell the leather of these boots.  Best. Purchase. Ever.

I made homemade bread!



Here’s the recipe.  I also made the slow-cooker chicken tikka marsala.

Chances are good I’ll make more of this bread.  It’s super easy and it makes my house smell like heaven.

I’m also revving up for race season.  In March I’ll run marathon number 8.  In May I’ll race my first 70.3 triathlon and do it all over again in August.

High-fiving myself as soon as I finish typing this sentence.

Go me.



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2 Responses to January, Looking Good So Far

  1. elisederstine says:

    You are a rock star! (this comment relates to the boots as well as the races)

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