It’s Almost 2014

I am the worst blogger ever. I mean the worst.

If an award could be given for worst blogger, I’m pretty sure I’d win it.

So, please accept my apologies for being a total slacker.  I needed my friend Kristi, a fellow blogger at Runaway Wonk, to shame me into writing like she did the last time.

Since I last wrote I retook the GRE (an event I’d like to forever erase from my mind), I ran the Brooklyn 10k, I set a PR at the Philadelphia Marathon (an event I never, ever want to forget), and I leisurely strolled through the Run with Santa 5K, while also competing in a 20 day spin challenge at Off Road Indoor Cycling.

Oh and if you couldn’t tell, I didn’t die, I completed my 30 day yoga challenge.

The last two months of this year were filled with lots of exercise, which I hope will off set the unusually large volume of fat and sugar I will digest while I am home in Florida.  Clearly I can see the future and I already know what to expect, so at least I tried to front load on the exercise, but I’m not sure if it works like that.

I wish exercise were like saving money. You know, you save it up and then use it when you need it, like after you eat a giant plate of fried fish, washed down with a big ol’ glass of sweet tea, followed by some very satisfying chocolate fudge made my your dear friend, Brigid, who never told you she could make such good fudge, so you’ll have to stalk her and force her to make more.

Anyways, like I said, November 17 to December 17 was chock full of exercise and in particular I’m stupid proud of my Philly marathon time.  I ran a 3:52:30, meaning I shaved 2 minutes off my best marathon time. I’m stoked!  Look at the Flavor Flav sized bling I got from Philly.

photo(5)Now I’m setting my goal for a 3:50.  I know I can do it, I just have to find the right race, make sure I do the right training and pray that all the stars align on race day.

While I’m in Florida I’ll start to sort through and sign up for my 2014 season.  I’ve got a few ideas up my sleeve, but before I hit the register button I want to make sure I’ve got a solid plan.  2013 was an amazing race year, so moving forward I want to be thoughtful about my strategy because I’ve got goals and I’m not going to stop until I meet them.

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2 Responses to It’s Almost 2014

  1. Brigid says:

    Yayy!! Finally a post to read! :) I see Fudge in your 2014 future! haha

  2. kristi says:

    Good! You are still alive.

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